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Historic downtown Hendersonville is home to some of the most important art galleries, museums and galleries of all kinds in North Carolina.

Gilbert Town, located on Rock Road north of Rutherfordton, was the county seat of old Tryon County during the colonial era, but after the Patriots took control of the region and moved Gilbert Town to the newly founded town of Rutherford Town, which was later shortened to Rutherfordton, it became the new seat of Rutherford County. Gilberttown, once located two miles north, served as a county for the first time in colonial times - the seat of the older Tryons County - and remained the county's seat of government when it was founded in 1779. At the time of its foundation, Rutherford County was so small that it is believed to have had only a few small towns, each with a population of about 1,000. It was the oldest seat of government on a colonial border, which was already settled before the American Revolutionary War and was replaced by Rutherfordon.

Although Rutherford County was founded in 1779, it was not considered an ongoing governing body at the time of its creation. Although the move from Gilbert Town to Rutherfordton resulted in the loss of the county seat of the old Tryon County and the creation of a new county, Rutherfordon did indeed hold the distinction of being the only county in the United States with a continuous governing body in its first century.

Asheville began to really grow as an urban center, while western North Carolina was heading toward an era of unprecedented development and prosperity. Roads paved the way, and Asheville became a hub and hub for the emerging railroad. Although Gilbert Town is the historic gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the small town of just over 1,000 inhabitants grew and thrived in the 1920s, marked by the construction of the city's first public schools and the opening of the first post office in 1924.

When resistant settlers set out for the Blue Ridge Mountains in the mid-17th century, they sought a new beginning on the western border. Quakers were sometimes covered in early snow in five days, and in the summer tourists, especially landowners from South Carolina and Georgia, began building their homes and businesses in and around Gilbert Town.

The Home Yankees made their way through the mountains to Rutherfordton, where they began attacking the local people. The virgins joined them as they walked about 80 miles up the Yadkin River, reinforced by the Overmountain Men who had come from farther north.

The militia colonels chose William Campbell as their leader because he was the son of the Lord Earl of Cornwallis, a general in rank, and his jealousy would be stifled. Charlotte was bedridden by Lord and Earl Cornwalles, another of Campbell's generals and close friends.

Cornellis had suffered a crushing defeat and had resigned, but hoped to reenter family life as a member of the US Army. Such was the desire that George Washington and Vanderbilt came to Asheville to build their retreat on 125,000 acres of land on the so-called Biltmore Estate.

At an altitude of 2,200 feet, these wonderful cottages offer great views of the mountains, river and city of Asheville and the city of Biltmore. The cabin is located on the top of Mt. Pisgah National Forest, south of downtown Asheville, and is the only one of its kind in North Carolina.

To learn more about the community and the history of the area, read our scenic ride through the history of Rutherford County. You can learn about the local history, history in general, and the history and culture of Gilberton, North Carolina.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting degree and a Master of Science in Physiology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He continued his education by earning a Master's degree in Public Administration from North Dakota State University, and later a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Duke University in Durham, N.C., and continued his Master's degree in Public Policy from UNC - Chapel Hill. The Stackhouses of Appalachia and even our own time, written by the Stackhouse family and other family members, provide information about their community.

Biltmore House, which has drawn international attention to Asheville and Buncombe County, is one of the largest public art collections in North Carolina and the second largest in the country.

Four hundred retreating Virginia militiamen came to South Carolina to help Benjamin Lincoln defend Charleston. Then they reached the border of what became Tennessee and then, in the spring of 1864, the Battle of Tennessee. Virginians and future Tennessee residents gathered in Charleston after rumors of an impending battle emerged, and some joined the fight. Ferguson, who mistakenly thought he was outnumbered, moved his men forward.

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More About Gilbert Town